Blogger free Trial:

You can get 1-5 peices free clothing every month
What you should do is write a Trial Report blog post and share with you fans.

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1.Write a post about us, like: introduce prechic, post a wishlist, share a outfit set with us.
2.Send your platform and post links to us by email: moc.cihcii@ofni<
3.Once approved, provide us you register email for our site and the clothing SKU what you like.
4.You would get more next time, which depends on the response and quality of your posts.

Fashion Stylist Enlistment:

What you should do is write the tag for our products,or design a personal outfit set with our clothing for customers.
For different platforms, we cooperation in different ways.


1.You should have enough time to do this
2.You are glad to help others, Love to design personal style
3.Have more than 1000 fans on any of your social platforms

Please email to moc.cihcii@ofni

Wholesale& Dropship cooperation

If you want to get a wholesale price or know more about the Dropship program.

Local Marketing / warehouse project& Multi-language cooperation

If you are interested to provide
1 The local marketing service or local warehouse cooperation
2 Multi-language service

Please email to moc.cihcii@ofni